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Team Echo offers you a safe haven on Miscreated, you have plenty to worry about out there, this Miscreated server is strict and watching to make sure PvP areas are the only place you can commit acts against other players.

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Introduce yourself and tell us why you want to join

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Please let us know who you are, and why you want to join our group

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My names Jamie, better known as 'Wolfilla', I'm 21 and I'm originally from Cardiff, Wales but have since moved to North West England with my girlfriend.

I'm the Host of The Gamer Beard YouTube Channel, there you'll find video reviews, as well as retrospectives of games we've enjoyed. A lot of the work is adapted from our original writing for various game sites such as Brash Games, NerdyAF and OnlySP. On top of reviews and retrospectives, We do also post some Let's Plays, and we also provide some discussions on various game topics.

I'm also Co-Head of the Entertainment Team at NerdyAF.

And a proud Ambassador of Kustom Kontrollers.

I spend a huge amount of time playing survival games and Farming Simulator with my better half, I'm very laid back and I'm sure we'll get along.

Feel free to add me on Skype, Discord, PSN, Origin, Uplay or Curse under the same alias.

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3 I'd like to join - referral from jamie jones on Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:12 pm

Hey I'm Rob Mouncer from Mid-Wales. I just want to try out miscreated.

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